I am a Developer Keen to Take on Interesting Projects

I first started programming on the web at a young age and have since also branched out into mobile and desktop apps. I value scaleable infrastructure, security, effective UI design, and automated workflows. I'm always looking to learn something new.


What Does Your Project, Team, or Company Need?

I have experience in many different areas. Let's narrow down your search.

Frontend / Backend Web Development

Responsive, accessible, and search-optimized design. Your backend will also be secure and extendable.

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App Development & Design

Android and iOS compatible apps! Built using cross-platform or hybrid approaches. (React Native / Cordova / PhoneGap)

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Desktop Applications

A desktop app may be best suited for your needs. Let me know what you're looking for and I can help make it happen.

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Programming a microcontroller or working with integrated circuits? Maybe you're looking for someone to fill a DevOps role? Let's get in touch.


I've Worked in Varying Areas of the Tech Industry

During university I secured 4 internships that lasted exactly 2 years. Outside of my professional work I had lots of fun experimenting with my own projects.

  • Jan 2020 -
    Aug 2020
  • Tulip Retail,
    Software Developer
  • My work was primarily focused on the well.ca backend software being used by warehouse workers. I worked with anything from order sorting to creating a parser for EDI files. Some time was spent on the frontend. Primarily used PHP, Python, SQL, & CSS.

  • May 2019 -
    Aug 2019
  • The Co-operators,
    Test Automation Developer
  • Automated insurance software using Selenium web driver and HP UFT across multiple environments.

  • May 2018 -
    Dec 2018
  • Adknown,
    Software Engineer
  • Actively managed 40+ web properties and an in-house CMS. I primarily used AWS, MySQL, PHP, Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

  • May 2017 -
    Aug 2017
  • Roche,
    Regulatory Affairs & Market Access Excellence Intern
  • Worked with document approval, data analysis, process revision, & automating data collection. Held discussions with/provided requirements to an overseas software firm to create an internal use tablet app.


  • AWS Certified Developer Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

I Have a Blog You May Like

If you enjoy reading about tech I hope you enjoy the blog. It's very new so bear with me while I work on adding content.

19 May

How to Customize Remark42 CSS via a Proxy Workaround

This post discusses how to extend CSS styles in the Remark42 iframe via a proxy as a workaround to the same origin policy.

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17 May

What are Static, Dynamic, and SPA Websites?

Depending on your use case there may be a better way to create your website. This post discusses the three ways to classify and build web applications.

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