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  • Mobile App


  • Developer
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        Parklotti is a React Native parking app made for a university course in my final year. The idea for the project came as an inspiration from Airbnb and my regular travels to Squamish, BC. I occasionally car camp when travelling and love to save money whenever I can. People like myself and those that live the van life can often times be ticketed or kicked out if they fall asleep on the side of the road where, due to bylaws, they aren't allowed. Parklotti allows other travellers and myself to find cheap parking in a local's driveway. If you're looking to attend a sporting event nearby a big city or visiting a hospital with overpriced parking, Parklotti could let you find parking for cheaper by utilising driveways or private property that are normally empty.

        Below is a small part of our project video. The section of the video demoing the app is being voiced over by my group member Stewart.

Note: Stewart's screen recording is cut off. The app does actually fit on a mobile screen properly.

The project repository is private as I continue implementing more functionality. My final grade in the class was a 98%.