Full Stack Developer & Software Engineer

Hiring people to write code is not the same as hiring people to design and build durable, usable, dependable software.

Hello, I am a software engineering student from Guelph, Ontario. Writing code is my passion, yet software design is the key to writing it well. With a few years experience seeing the tech industry grow I have learned how to create solid web, mobile, and desktop applications.

I currently study as a 5th year co-op student at the University of Guelph.¬†To me, seeing the field evolve throughout the years has focused me on keeping up-to-date with the most current technologies. I find that it is always exciting to see the impact a new software release can have on your applications, whether that is negative or positive. I’ve worked with the nitty-gritty frustations of design, onto the excitements of real-time applications. Whatever the challenge, I do my best to learn and improve.

  • phone : +1 905-299-7222
  • email : contact@maxmastalerz.com
  • location : Guelph, Ontario


I will work with you to nail down your project's requirements. I will transform your ideas into reality.


When working on a team I contribute knowledge and learn from others. My work is always distributed effectively and efficiently.


I will adopt your businesses' culture and deliver in a manner that is of a high standard.



The Basics

What the web is built upon. HTML5, Javascript(ES6), and CSS3. I feel very comfortable with each of these


Media Editing

I have experience working with multiple adobe media editing products. Photo, video, and sound.


Back-end web environments

I've worked extensively with both PHP and Node.js.


Web Server Management

I can work with nginx, apache, task schedulers, load balancers, domain management, and more!


JS libraries and frameworks

I have worked extensively with jQuery and have touched upon ReactJS/AngularJS.


Real Time Applications

Raw web sockets, Socket.io, Ajax, and more. I've worked with them all.



I know how to use templating engines such as HoganJS and MustacheJS as well as popular css pre-processors.


Popular APIs

I have played around with many! Google(maps, chrome, oauth), Facebook, Slack, Leaflet, AWS, and more.


Multiple languages

I've worked extensively with C, and Java. I've used Pyhon, C++, and more. I also speak Polish.


Compatible Design Creation

If you want your site to support older browsers or mobile devices, I know exactly what to do.


Data Storage and Content Management

I've worked with mysql and mongodb databases. I've also used CMS technologies such as WordPress and Drupal.


+ More

The web is such a vast and ever changing place. There is a lot to talk about and a lot more to learn!

I am available for Work


  • Present
  • Tulip Retail

    Software Developer

    My last co-op term was at Tulip Retail. I supported and developed any software relating to well.ca. I was responsible for security patches, new site features, changes to the product management system, and more!

  • The Co-operators

    Test Automation Developer

    Used Selenium web driver & HP UFT software to automate insurance software. Worked with client creation, insurance policies, billing information, and insurance claims. Constantly updated test harnesses to be compatible with the most recent releases

  • ADknown Inc

    Software Engineer

    Actively managed 40+ web properties and an in-house CMS. Was challenged to develop and implement new features, designs, and strategies to best leverage our tools and improve ad performance.

  • Hoffmann-La Roche

    Regulatory Affairs & Market Access Excellence Intern

    Worked with document approval, data analysis, process revision, data collection automation, software requirements gathering & more.

  • education
  • Computing Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering

    [2016 - present] I enrolled at the University of Guelph and remained a dean's list student throughout my studies.

  • Oakville Trafalgar High School

    [2010 - 2014] This is where it all began. I participated in robotics competitions, developed sites, and sparked my first interests in technology.